Never underestimate
the power of people moving together.

Reclaim movement for pleasure,
wellness and rebellion.


TurnUp The Volume is a community movement.

We curate pop-up events that build teamwork through music and movement.

We create spaces overflowing with supportive energy
in a queer-friendly, body-positive community experience. 

You can change your relationship with dance. 

"I always feel uplifted after your classes, both physically and mentally. So much positive energy goes into each class. The music is great too!"

"I lost two close family members in 2020 and these classes have really helped me to cope. Being able to move and clear my head for an hour a couple times a week is really liberating."

"Sarah's classes are a joyful escape with the added benefit of exercise! I get out of the confines of my head for an hour and back into my body - moving and breathing (as humans are meant to). All of this happens to good music! xo"

"Having this community and the focus on mental and physical health has been so crucial, especially during the pandemic. Class always brings a smile to my face and Sarah has taught me the power of music and dance while also challenging me to push myself but also have fun. Though I have been going to her Zumba class for years, what TurnUp the Volume has created is truly something special. To everyone who is afraid of trying Zumba or thinks "I can't dance," I can't think of a more welcoming space."

"I love the classes - it's my main form of self-care. Helps my mind and body!"

"Sarah is a delightful teacher!"

"The Day 1 course is an accessible, empowering, and fun introduction to dance fitness!"

"I always feel motivated to do it. Besides the great physical exercise, I always feel in a great mood and energized after each class. These classes are also therapeutic for me, in the sense that I've been feeling less stressed about not being up to date with work and been taking better care of myself. Thank you Sarah and Jill!!!"

Sarah Ratcliffe (she/they) is the founder of TurnUp the Volume, a passion project that came of age during the pandemic. Long ago, Sarah used to dance in a way that was considered high art; trained classically, and dancing as a profession. Then it stopped.  

A lot of time, thought and determination went into bringing dance back into Sarah’s life on their terms, and for the past ten years, they’ve been dedicated to cultivating the reverberating joy of Community Movement. She focuses on facilitating a safe and exploratory space for all bodies, all genders, and abilities. TurnUp uses music and movement to help folks in private, corporate, and community spaces push through the awkwardness and destigmatize looking stupid or doing something wrong. As a social enterprise, the organization seeks to give back and make an impact as a primary goal.